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Classification and properties of polyester yarn

Polyester colored silk, also known as polyester fiber, is widely used in the textile market, and polyester colored silk fabrics and garments have been loved by more and more people. But are garments made from this material good or bad? What are its pros and cons? This question has plagued many others. The classification and properties of polyester yarn are introduced below. Polyester colored silk is a commonly used clothing fabric. Usually used to make coats, shirts, windbreakers.​​

Classification of polyester yarn

Polyester colored yarns are mainly divided into two categories: polyester staple fabrics and polyester filament fabrics.​​

1. Polyester staple fiber fabric

2. Polyester filament fabric

The performance of polyester yarn

1. Polyester colored yarn has high strength, good elasticity and strong recovery ability.​​

2. Heat resistance is also a major feature of polyester fabrics, so polyester fibers are often used to make pleated skirts.​​

3. Polyester colored silk has good light fastness, no worse than natural fiber fabrics. It is not easily damaged in sunlight.​​

4. Polyester fabric is resistant to insects and chemical corrosion. When cleaning, it is not necessary to choose a specific type of cleaning fluid. The application and purchase method of polyester yarn

As we all know, polyester yarn is mainly used in the field of clothing. In fact, polyester has gradually played a role in the industrial field. For example, polyester fabrics are used in building interiors and vehicle interiors. Purchase according to the latitude and longitude system.​​

1. Warp knitting and weft knitting are two weaving methods of polyester colored yarn, the main difference is the different extensibility. If you want to buy various styles of clothes, it is recommended that you choose weft knitting, because weft knitted fabrics are usually woven with yarns of various colors.​​

2. The warp knitted polyester yarn is wear-resistant, less pilling, more suitable for trousers and skirts.​​

The advantages of polyester yarn

1. It is a high-strength fiber. The strength of short fibers is between 2.6-5.7 cn/dtex, and the strength of high-strength fibers is between 5.6-8.0 cn/dtex. How powerful? In short, it will be about 20 times higher than viscose.​​

2. Super elasticity is another advantage of polyester colored yarn. The elasticity is equivalent to wool. Or after folding or rubbing polyester, it recovers quickly without leaving any wrinkles. Few fabrics have such high elasticity.​​

3. Polyester has very good heat resistance among chemical fiber fabrics. At the same time, it has good plasticity. Suitable for making pleated skirts. Holds wrinkles well without much ironing.​​

4. The light fastness is not bad, and the light fastness exceeds that of natural fibers. High lightfastness allows polyester colored yarns to be exposed to sunlight.​​

5. Stable chemical properties, not easy to be corroded by acid or alkali. If the clothes are dirty, they can be washed with bleach. Even in a humid environment, this fiber fabric is not prone to mildew and deterioration.
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